Affinity Vegetarian Restaurant

We are a Taiwanese-Chinese vegetarian restaurant located in downtown Winnipeg since May 2001.  The word Affinity comes from Latin affinis = connected with.  Our philosophy is that anyone whom we encounter with is meant for us to meet and learn from each other, regardless of where we come from and how much time we spend together.  Because of this reason, we treasure every customer that comes into our restaurant.  Here are some of the examples we persist to provide you at Affinity throughout the years:


Our atmosphere is casual, tranquil and relaxing. All you have to do is come to visit, and you'll take home a piece of Affinity. We look forward to seeing you!


No MSG. We want you to love our food out of your own mouth, not by a chemical.

Great tea. Because Taiwan is so renowned for its tea, we insist in serving you the excellent green tea specially delivered from Taiwan. For those of you who fell in love with our wonderful tea, you can now buy the tea package and take home one of the healthiest teas to enjoy it at your own time!

Pay-By-Weight Lunch Buffet. Affinity is dedicated to bringing you a healthy and delicious vegan food at a down-to-earth price, we are also committed to prevent wastage. The pay-by-weight lunch buffet style also allows anyone to enjoy a good meal within your budget as well as your appetite!

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